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Maxime Fragnon


Maxime Fragnon’s work is like a landscape that unfolds and transforms before us. Through series of works mixing ceramics and organic materials collected on various promenades – oysters, flowers, rotting fruit, shells etc – Fragnon highlights the transformation of material by various forces, both natural and manmade. Time is a key player in Fragnon’s practice, as the things he gathers and collects in his studio are constantly evolving, deteriorating, evaporating or crystallising. Maxime Fragnon studied fine art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (2018) before moving to Brussels, Belgium. In 2019, he was in residency at Moly Sabata where he participated in the exhibition Glaise Rousse. He has benefited from solo exhibition at Galerie 25 Capucins, Lyon, France (2018) and has participated in several group exhibitions including The Good, The Bad, The Purple, HVW8 Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2019), and Pause in your flight, HVW8 Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2020).



    Maxime Fragnon, Galerie 25 Capucins, Lyon, France


    TOUJOURS, pal project, commissariat POURCEUX, Paris France

    SWEETHEARTS, Barbara Club (Brussels, Belgique)

    Pause in your flight, Galerie HVW8, Berlin, Allemagne

    Something Blue, avec Océane Bruel, Gether Contemporary, Copenhague, Danemark (à venir)

  • 2019

    Au bord duquel je fais des ricochets, Private Apartment, Brussels, Belgium

    The Good, The Bad, The Purple, Galerie HVW8, Berlin, Germany

  • 2018

    Glaise Rousse, Moly Sabata, Sablons, France

    Pas le temps pour les regrets, COHERENTS, Brussels, Belgique

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