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Mateo Revillo


Born in Madrid in 1993, Mateo Revillo left Spain in 2011 for Paris, then moved to Oxford the following year where he studied Fine Arts. He returned to live in Paris in 2016 on the occasion of the 61st Salon de Montrouge. He’s been working between Madrid and Paris since. In his work, the fragment, the vestige, are employed in the search of mystical vertigo as an experience of disjunction of spatial, visual and material references. His work drafts contemporary temporal disarticulation. He works particularly in painting, also focusing on different forms of spatial organization, such as architecture and installation. It is also often a matter of agency between contemporary art, patrimony and collective memory. Whether through paintings, assemblies or territorial interventions, it is a question of constituting a unity of the space in which the work is inserted. His work in painting is an organic variation in the space of geometric forms: they are unfoldable pieces seeking the integration of space into the work, like pieces of frescoes belonging to a large ruined ensemble. A ruin to imagine. In this way, he develops a new grammar of the landscape between painting and architecture, restoring the ambiguous continuity between the image and its place. His work has been shown in France and in Spain, as well as other European countries. He is one of the three founding members of La Méditerranée, an exhibition-oriented research group initiated in 2020.


  • 2019

    Piece Study and draftsman for the museography of the new Colecciones Reales Museum, Madrid

  • 2016 2018

    Master studies in Territory, Space and Society at EHESS, Paris

  • 2012 2015

    Fine Arts, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, R.U

  • 2011 2012

    L1 in “Arts Plastiques et Sciences de l’Art” at Université Sorbonne Paris 1, France


  • 2017 2018

    Residencia Karolina Blaberg Sti ung, Aix-en-Provence, France

  • 2014

    Begehungen 2014 Residency; Chemnitz, Germany


  • 2019

    Lauréat Cité des Arts, Paris

  • 2015

    Kevin Slingsby Prize for Funnel Vision, Oxford



    Paragone, pal project, Paris

  • 2021

    Pentimento, Galería Alegría, Barcelona

  • 2019

    Éxodo, sin título, (prom. Fundación Cirat/CAR/ Casabanchel), Casabanchel, Madrid
    Fuentes, cur. Inés Muñozcano, XF proyectos, Madrid

  • 2018

    Un titanic, reprise: Novembre, Mateo Revillo & Edgar Sarin, Editions Dilecta, Paris
    Left-Over, cur. Joris Thomas, In box, Brussels
    Nuit Blanche: Un titanic, reprise, Mateo Revillo & Edgar Sarin, Ile St. Louis, Paris
    Traktat eines ensembles un titanic, reprise, Mateo Revillo & Edgar Sarin, Strizzi Galerie, Koln

  • 2016

    Wood Cut Punk, Galeria Slowtrack, Madrid

  • 2015

    Two incomplete paintings, Oxford University Press Bookshop, Oxford


    Manovra – off La Biennale di Venezia

  • 2021

    Révélateurs, Christian Berst Gallery, Paris
    SWAB art fair, Galeria Alegria, Barcelona
    Collections permanentes, cur. La Méditerranée, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France
    C BOKTOKA CBET, Lazy Mike Gallery, Moscow, Russia
    Komi Biennale, National Museum of Komi, Syktyvkar, Komi, Russia.
    Accrochage no 5. cur. La Méditerranée, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France

  • 2020

    Picabia/ Revillo/ Safa/ Sarin, cur. La Méditerrannée, Clichy, France
    Grand Final, cur. La Méditerranée, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France
    Programme Special, cur. La Méditerranée, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France
    Contrabando, instalación en IFEMA, ARCO, 26 de Febrero 2020, Madrid
    Fuente No 1, instalación, Eros y Tanatos Real Estate, cur. Inés Muñozcano, prod.  Onassis Air Foundation, Instituto Cervantes, AECID, DIonisis Sotovikis Workshop,  Atenas.

  • 2019

    ÉXODO 01/06, cur. Colectivo De Origen, y conferencias para Éxodo, sin título, CAR/ Inland, Madrid
    Wechseln, cur. Ignacio Mora, Federico Coll, y Arantza Xiafrino, Sala de exposiciones ABM, Madrid
    Au sens propre, cur. E. Laplane and S. Brière, le Pangolin et L’oeil Gallery, Marsella

  • 2018

    Un titanic, reprise, Calendrier 2 : Écharde, Galeríe Michel Rein, Paris
    Private Choice 2018, cur. Nadia Candet, Private Choice, Paris
    Un titanic, reprise, Calendrier 1 : Triomphe, Galeríe Michel Rein, Paris

  • 2017

    12 Architectures de vos yeux, Cercle de la Horla, 3 rue Elzevir, París. Rattle Schow, cur. Mateo Revillo, 81 bis rue Lepic, Paris
    Private Choice, cur. Nadia Candet, Avenue Général Wilson, October, Paris
    C+H2OC17, Fondation Fiminco, cur. Matthieu Lelièvre, Pantin

  • 2016

    61ème Édition du Salon de Montrouge, cur. Ami Barak, Paris
    Une Collection 2, cur. Antoine Py et Camille Dahlia, Paris
    Une Collection, cur. Antoine Py et Camille Dahlia, Paris

  • 2015

    Ruskin Degree Show, Oxford
    Day Rattle, cur. Mateo Revillo, Oxford

  • 2014

    a Show, Mateo Revillo and Louisa Siem, St Catherines College; Oxford

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