Exhibition of Bram Kinsbergen - LOST FOR A WHILE - pal project
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19.10.22 - 17.11.22
Bram Kinsbergen/LOST FOR A
In his new exhibition ‘Lost For A While’, Bram Kinsbergen explores the search for identity in a more and more divided world. The works on display picture different figures, all on their own quest. They all wear masks, symbolizing the inner examination of who they really are or want to be. But their solitude bears witness to the difficulties of that task in a time where identity is a more fragmented reality than ever. A time where the notion of identity is sometimes more divisive than unifying. But the exhibition ‘Lost For A While’ is hopeful in its own right. Being lost doesn’t have to be a permanent state, it can be just for a while. The different paintings are bound together by a common denominator in the form of a wood structure, returning in each of the works. This is a reference to the common ground we all share, the natural basis of what makes us all human. This expresses the aspiration that beyond the current splintered interpretation of identity, there lies an opportunity to find ourselves and each other again on that common ground. The exhibition is an invitation to decompress the search for identity. Starting from what unites us, instead of having to choose camps from the get go

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