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Born in 1989 in Marseille (France). Lives and works in Paris. His work demonstrates a formal research of a political and environmental harmony, from which the human would be the catalyst. Edgar Sarin has been noticed for his work on generating ruins and for his reconsideration of the exhibition space. He established, some years ago, that the spectator should be considered from the moment he stops being one, joining thereby a Mediterranean legacy of the artwork’s concept.

Thus, his pieces are developed by porosity with the environment. He stands for an approach that enhances the learning of the world and materials – a reasoned form of the creative gesture – that he develops in a plural and precise sculptural corpus. In 2016, Edgar Sarin received the Revelations Emerige prize, an event for which Michel Rein gallery was partner.

Edgar Sarin’s work has been exhibited at Collège des Bernardins (Paris), Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré (CCCOD) during Nuit Blanche 2018, and at Konrad Fischer Galerie (Berlin). Edgar Sarin is also the founder of the exhibition oriented group La Méditerranée. With the painter Mateo Revillo, he undertakes a series of publications whose first volume Un titanic, reprise will be published by Editions Dilecta.


  • 2016

    Prize-winner Bourse Révélation Emerige, Paris, France

Public Collections

CCCOD, Tours, France

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, Norvège

Fonds de dotation Emerige, Paris, France



    victoires (suite), Michel Rein, Paris, France

    objectif : société, Centre d’Art Contemporain Chanot, Clamart, France

  • 2019

    nouvelles oeuvres, Michel Rein, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2017

    Dans son cou la main d’une mère, Michel Rein, Paris, France

    Ici : symphonie désolée d’un consortium antique, CCCOD, Tours, France

    Hierarchisch angeordnete Edelgesteine, dreizehn, Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin, Germany

    Un minuit que jamais le regard, là, ne trouble, (cur. Gaël Charbau), Collège des Bernardins, Paris, France

  • 2015

    Quelqu’x sur son lit de mort, Cercle de La Horla, Paris, France

  • 2014

    Introduction à l’entité problématique, Inlassable Galerie, Paris, France The Miraculous Cocoon, Inlassable Galerie, New York, NY, USA


    Avalanche, (cur. Andy Rankin and Nelson Pernisco), pal project, Paris, France

    The first Meal, (cur. Yvannoé Kruger et Marilou Thiébault), Poush, Clichy, France

    Napoléon ? Encore !, (cur. Eric de Chassey et Julien Voinot), Musée de l’Armée, Paris, France

  • 2020

    Picabia/ Revillo/ Safa/ Sarin, (cur. La Méditerrannée), Clichy, France

    Grand Final, (cur. La Méditerranée, Gaël Charbeau et Yvannoé Kruger) POUSH, Clichy, France Programme Spécial, (cur. La Méditerranée, Gaël Charbeau et Yvannoé Kruger) POUSH, Clichy, France

    Oh les beaux jours (Happy Days), Michel Rein, Paris, France

    (ON A PEDESTAL): to greatly value someone or something, Michel Rein, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2019

    L’effet falaise, Révélations Emerige, espace Voltaire, Paris, France

    Pavillon MMXX, (cur. by André Chami) Beirut Digital District, Turkey

  • 2018

    Un Titanic Reprise, Nuit Blanche, (cur. Gaël Charbau), Paris, France

  • 2017

    Cercle de la Horla, (cur. Edgar Sarin) Paris, France

    Private Choice, Paris, France

    Chapitre troisième : *, Cercle de La Horla, New York, NY, USA

  • 2016

    ART IS HOPE – Link -, Perrotin, Paris, France

    Une inconnue d’avance, Bourse Révélation EMERIGE, Paris, France

    Chapitre deuxième : The 67th Evidence, Cercle de La Horla, New York, NY, USA

    Entité de spéculation autonome, Cercle de La Horla, Paris, France

  • 2015

    Chapitre premier : Des Absents, Cercle de La Horla, Paris, France {647912}, Inlassable Galerie, New York, NY, USA

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