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Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
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Nelson Pernisco


Born in 1993 in Paris, Nelson Pernisco is a visual artist, co-founder of the Wonder collective, evolving in the discipline of installation that cultivates an ecosystem on the ashes of our thermo-industrial civilization.

From the school of arts décoratifs in Paris to the urban wastelands he squatted, from the institutional framework to alternative forms of life, Nelson Pernisco early understood that the organization of space and time depends on the wills that seize it.

His first works formulate in this sense a critique of the devices of power, surveillance and constraint, taking the form of brutalist constructions with anarchic forms which directly echo the instability of the world. The artist therefore puts the seditious energy of his beginnings at the service of a logic of artistic resistance: from Molotov cocktails to charred debris, the use of industrial or technological waste, poor and often recovered materials, serves him in effect to emphasize the violence of a system, ironically on the perpetuation of the state of emergency or the standardization of capitalist logics.

The imagination of materials is therefore always dependent on the political meanings they cover, but recently, the critique of the making of history, and of the readings that can be made of it, has given way to a reflection on art. as a force of proposal. Driven by a forward-looking ambition, it reflects the decisive step that his work marks by moving from the purely dissident act to a more projective thought, from a worried dystopian vision to the possibility of a concrete utopia.

Florian Gaité


  • 2016

    RUNRUNRUN. Residency at the art center of the Villa Arson in Nice, France


  • 2018

    Prix des amis du Palais de Tokyo. Finalist with the Wonder/Liebert. Paris

  • 2017

    Concours la convocation. First lauréate. Paris

  • 2015

    Concours Artagon. Finalist. Paris



    L’éternité n’est guère plus longue que la vie – White Noise Gallery

    Il n’y que la canaille pour mettre son nom sur les murailles – Centre d’art de l’école de Belfort

    Si par le parking vous comprenez jardin – galerie Bertrand Grimont

  • 2018

    Dans la langue des ciments – La Conciergerie – Chambéry

    Only through man man survive – Winzavod Contemporary art center – Moscou

    Du temps dont je suis fait – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

  • 2017

    De la surveillance aux surveillé – Les Barreaux (Le Chassis Project Space) – Paris

  • 2016

    To see, not to see. To hear, not to hear. Exhume, Inhume – BNA Gallery – Tokyo

    All cops are beautiful – Superflat Gallery – Paris

  • 2015

    Les nuits Paris – City Order – Place de la République – Paris

  • 2013

    Nepos – Point G Space – Paris.


    Avalanche – pal project – Paris

  • 2019

    Pretenso – Cerquone Gallery – Madrid

    Living Cube#3 – Orléans

    Papapapapaam papa paam – galerie Bertrand Grimont – Paris

    Vilnius Art Faire – Hors-Cadre Gallery Booth – Vilnius

  • 2018

    01.12.18 – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

    Par l’amour du jeu – Magasins généraux – Pantin

    B L O B! – galerie Bertrand Grimont – Paris

    Hors Cadre – Bastille Design Center – Paris

    FRÈ GOÜ – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

  • 2017

    Lo gars d’icy – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

    L’idiot – 6B – Saint Denis

    Genius Loci – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

    La Convocation – L’Ourcq Blanc – Paris

    No Way / High Way – Maëlle Gallery – Paris

    Réalité – galerie Christophe Gaillard – Paris

    Kiuaskivi – Glassbox Gallery – Paris

    Dirty Pepax – Les Lundi du Pavillon du Palais de Tokyo – Wonder/Liebert – Bagnolet

    Merci la Nuit – T2 Gallery – Paris

    L’Urbain – Épisodique Gallery – Paris

    Le Quatrième Sexe – Le Cœur Gallery – Paris

    It’s a Dream – Arondit Contempory Art Center – Paris

  • 2016

    Run Run Run – Centre d’Art de la Villa Arson – Nice

    Pavillon de l’exil – YIA ART FAIR – Archives Nationales – Paris

    Generosity – XPO Gallery – Paris

    Panspermie w/ Lazer Quest – Le Wonder – Saint-Ouen

    Temenos – Les Écuries – Paris

    Du sang, du labeur, des larmes et de la sueur – Le Wonder – Saint-Ouen

    Les Intrus#2, Trouble dans l’habitat

    La maison des arts – Malakoff

    287 Chemin de la Madrague Ville – Marseille

    A l’envers – Dérives Space – Paris

    Papopith #4 Performed conference – Oberzinc – Paris

    En{jeux} – Atelier Mondineu – Pré Saint-Gervais

    Artagon II – Passage de Retz Art Center – Paris


  • 2019

    Un été au Wonder

  • 2018

    Insideart Magazine n° (Italie)

  • 2017

    Tafmag Vol 2 : Bubble Gum // L’art et ses objets // Le Monde n°22421

  • 2016

    Artaissme n°014 / Flofferz n°002 / Point contemporain n°001

  • 2015

    Wonder catalogue // Industries, catalogue d’exposition


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