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Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
Sopravvivo - Matisse Mesnil
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Pierre Clement


Pierre Clement (1981) mostly dedicates his work to sculpture and installations. He permanently questions the notion of image and the means of representation. He is inspired by alternative cultures and underground Internet. His works highlight some particularities of our collective imagination: sci-fi, hacking, survivalism, satellite mapping, biotechnologies, military imagery, etc. They are heterogeneous in their forms and materials, but all appeal to similar methods: repetition, proliferation, encryption, overlap, replica, assembling. By meticulously examining their skeletons, the viewer is brought to question his own vision and certitudes.


  • 2010

    DNSEP (MFA) option Art, obtained with the congratulations of the jury, ESAC des Pyrénées

  • 2008

    DNAP (BFA) option Art, obtained with the congratulations of the jury, ESAC des Pyrénées


  • 2017

    Studio Delta, artist-run-space, Roubaix, France

    Résidence croisée AIR Antwerpen / AER, Antwerp / Clermont-Ferrand, Belgique/France

  • 2016

    Winner Visual arts commission, Cité internationale des Arts, Montmartre site, Paris, France

  • 2014

    Futur 2, La générale en manufacture, Sèvres, France

    Les territoires de l’ours, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Toulouse, France

    Contact, Omnibus, Tarbes, France

    Jacobéo in progress, Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes, Hecho, Spain

  • 2011

    Maisons Daura, Autumn sessions, St Cirq Lapopie, France

    Park in Progress, Domaine national de St Cloud, St-Cloud, France

    HITO, Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes, Hecho, Spain

  • 2010

    Jacobéo in progress, Pépinières Européennes Pour Jeunes Artistes, Hecho, Spain

    Horizon d’Art, Communauté de communes du Fronsadais, Asques, France


  • 2019

    Production support and special award winner, Mécènes du Sud, Montpellier-Sète

  • 2017

    Great Prize, finalist, jury : Nicolas Bourriaud and Christian Bernard, Lieu commun, Toulouse, France

  • 2015

    Mezzanine Sud Prize, Les Abattoirs/CIC Bankgroup, Toulouse, France



    Vision Quest, text by Franck Balland, Valeria Cetraro, Paris, France

    Altered Beast, curated by François Patoue, Coherent, Bruxelles, Belgique

  • 2018

    Above top secret, Galerie Ecougnou-Cetraro, Paris, France

  • 2017

    Your account has been suspended, OJ, Istanbul, Turkey

    Community for all, mercy for the lost, Delta Studio, Roubaix, France

    Keep your master channel sync’d with your master channel, Maison Salvan, Labège, France

  • 2016

    Just the same infinite, Ultrastudio, Pescara, Italia

  • 2015

    Transcom Primitive, XPO Gallery, Paris, France

    Pttrn/Ptnt, Mezannine Sud, Les Abattoirs / Frac Midi Pyrénées, Toulouse, France

  • 2014

    Contact, Omnibus, Tarbes, France

  • 2012

    Offshore, Villadebank, Enschede, Pays-Bas

    Effets variables, Omnibus, Tarbes, France


    Avalanche, curation : Andy Rankin & Nelson Pernisco, pal project, Paris, France

  • 2020

    Programme spécial, curated by Gael Charbau,Yvannoe Kruger, La Méditerranée, Poush, Clichy, France

    Restons Unis 2, You’ll never walk alone, Galerie Perrotin, Paris, France

    Phytotopies, Collection Frac Aquitaine, LEGTPA de Libourne Montagne, Libourne, France

    Paragonal, curated by Antoine Palmier Reynaud, ZZ Studio, Lyon, France

  • 2019

    Umbrella corp, curated by Plague, Makaronka Art-center, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

    Spaced in Lost, curated by Yvannoé Kruger, La Paix, Paris, France

    Love Data, Biennale de La Teste, Alios, curated by Irwin Marchal, La Teste de Buch, France

    Unsupported message, curated by Pierre Clement, Galerie Valeria Cetraro, Paris, France

    Lapin-Canard #37, Duuu Radio, Parc de la Villette, Paris, France

  • 2018

    Basic Extinct, with Michele Gabriele, Silicone, Bordeaux, France

    Rapido Rapido, Collection n°9, Interior and the collectors, Camping Le Midi, Barbatre, Ile de Noirmoutier, France

    Process time, curated by Vincent Verlé, Musée de l’histoire du fer, Nancy, France

    Non-target unknown, with Lindsay Lawson, texte par Martha Kirzenbaum, Platform, Stockholm, Sweden

    Videotutorial, PaneProject, Online, curated by Lucia Leuci, Milan, Italy

    Marelle, David De Tsharner Studio, Escougnou-Cetraro & Cortex Athletico, Art Brussels,, Belgium

    Images Manquantes, Escougnou-Cetraro gallery, Paris, France

    Maxi 2, Espace Public, Labenne, France

  • 2017

    L’impossible mordant physique / Post-production-F, FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier, France

    SESSION #6 : Système, Paris-Beijing gallery, Paris, France

    The internet of Me, CACN, Nîmes, France

    Jeune Creation 67 , Thaddeus Ropac, Pantin, France

    A Midsummer Night’s Remedy, with Bora Akinciturk, Clearview, London, UK

    MEETING #3 “L’expédition fantôme”, with Annabelle Arlie, Lieu Commun, Toulouse, France

    X.perience an exhibition in Space, In de Ruimte, Gand, Belgium

    Newton’s cradle, Les ateliers, Clermont Ferrand, France

    Construire/Déconstruire, Delta studio, Roubaix, France

    Too absorbed by places we’ll see from our Bentleys, online, OFLUXO, Milan, Italy

  • 2016

    Higher state of consciousness, Studio E1, Cité internationale des Arts, Montmartre, Paris, France

    Run Run Run, Villa Arson, Nice, France

    Corazon, BB5000’s studio, Milan, Italy

    Né un 2 juillet, galerie Derouillon, Paris, France

    Vision, ANDEA, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

  • 2015

    Oxi More On, curated by Philippe Riss & Alexis Jakubowicz, Espace Verney Carron, Lyon, France

    Temporary Arrangement / 6PMEU, curation par Link art Center, Brescia, Glassbox, Paris, France

    Les drapeaux, curated by Pablo Cavero, XPO Gallery, Paris, France

    Wir Kinder aus Asbest, curated by Lia Rochas Paris & Ulricke Buck, Cité des Arts, Paris, France

    Business as usual 2, curated by Perce Jeromm, Turf Projects, London, UK

    Les drapeaux, curated by Pablo Cavero, Maison des arts de Malakoff, Malakoff, France

    We wanted to be better & ended up being happy, Fenetre Project, Joseph Tang gallery, Paris, France

    La confidentielle du YIA #2, Bastille Design Center, Paris, France

    Mémoire flash, curated by Irwin Marchal, 5un7, Bordeaux, France

    Ailleurs, curated by J-C. Arcos & L. Lacotte, Chapelle des Cordeliers, Parthenay, France

  • 2014

    @Hypersalon, XPO Paris & Transfer NYC , Art Basel Miami, Miami, FL, USA

    White screen, Hello world 1.0, Jeune Creation 2014, curated by E. Brout et M. Marion. Paris, France

    Hike, Hack / Hic et Nunc, curated by A. Jakubowicz & J-B Moutout, Xpo Gallery, Paris, France

    Macao default stroke, curated by C.Aboucaya, Futur II, La Générale en Manufacture, Sèvres, France

    An(suite) 2014, curated by M. Poitevin & V. Lefebvre, La sécu, Lille, France

    Jeunes commissaires, Artyfamily, Paris, France

    Les territoires de l’ours, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Musée d’histoire naturelle, Toulouse, France

    59ème Salon de Montrouge, curated by Stéphane Corréard, Montrouge, France

  • 2013

    Les apparitions, curated by François Loustau, espace public, Pau, France

    La rime et la raison, curated by Mpvite and Label Hypothèse, L’escaut, Bruxelles, Belgique

    Art et paysage, curated by Jean-François Dumont, Parc du Chateau, Artigues-près-Bordeaux, France

    Traverse Vidéo, Chapelle des Carmélites, Toulouse, France

    L’art en pièces, CIAM-La Fabrique/Les Abattoirs-Frac Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, France

  • 2012

    Horizon d’art 2, Communauté d’agglomération du Fronsadais, Mouillac, France

    Layers, HxBxL, Enschede, Netherlands

    Courtoisie 2, Point De Fuite, Toulouse, France

  • 2011

    Face à face IX, La source, Domaine de Villarceaux, Chaussy, France

    Park in progress, Domaine national de St Cloud, St Cloud, France

    Transversales, Programme HITO, PEJA, Hecho, Programme Hito, Spain

    Dérapage controlé, Omnibus, Ancien Arsenal, Tarbes, France

  • 2010

    Jacobéo in progress, Programme HITO, PEJA, Ayuntamiento de Hecho, Spain

    Les journées du numériques, Abbaye de l’Escaladieu, Bonnemazon, France

    Entrecôte West, ESAC des Pyrénées, Tarbes, France

    Sky to sky, Observatoire du Pic du Midi de Bigorre, Hautes Pyrénées, France


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