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Tommy Lecot’s work combines painting and installation to explore different subjects inherent to the History of Art. Even though some of his works refer to the structure and language of painting, they modify its codes and modes of production to tend towards allegory. His collection of visuals from various sources and statuses gives rhythm to all his work, which then becomes a surface to be transposed, a support to be appropriated. Well aware of participating to an infinite flow of images and forms, he attempts to question the status of the works and their capacity to integrate into an exhibition space. His work is presented in France and abroad.


  • 2017

    Jeongsu Art Foundation, South Korea



    TOUJOURS, curated by POURCEUX, pal project, Paris, France

    Trop belle pour toi, SUPERDUTCHESS, New-York, USA

  • 2019

    Tchao Paulo, StudioLiedts, Schaerbeek, Belgium

    Teenage fever, GalerieM, Toulouse, Paris

    It’s not too late to seek a newer world you know?, SHIPMENT, London, UK

  • 2018

    Togaether, Halles des blancs manteaux, Paris, France

    Salut fréro ça va ?, LuisLeu, Karlsruhe, Germany


Vernissage - TOUJOURS


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