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Bram Kinsbergen


Bram Kinsbergen was born in 1984. He lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

“Through my work I try to enlarge my own understanding of individuals and humanity at large. My work deals both with issues of which we think we comprehend and matters of which we wonder and assume we don’t know them; it’s about mirrors and walls. Walls because we’re not always able to know what’s behind the story we are confronted with and mirrors because we like to think we know what’s behind it because we can see some of ourselves reflected in it. In a very humble way I hover over the big and small questions about who we are and why we are who we are.”



    Lost For A While, pal project, Paris, FR

    The Mental Traveller, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, BE

  • 2017

    Starring at the horizon of my bathtub, Vooruit, Boechout, BE

    Into Beach Pool Palm Trees, Museumstraat25/Bernaerts, Antwerp, BE

  • 2014

    Expo, Lets Find Gallery, Boechout, BE

  • 2011

    Expo, Lets Find Gallery, Boechout, BE

  • 2010

    Expo, Old Ship Yard Gallery, Bodrum, TR


    Boechout10, Boechout, BE

    Stormloop, curated by Tom Liekens, Galerie Storm, Herentals, BE

    Art Brussels, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, BE

  • 2021

    Groupshow, Everyday Gallery, Antwerp, BE

    The horse appeared to be a zebra, curated by Barry Camps, Huisgalerij Art Uur, Lier, BE

    Coup de Foudre, curated by Joelle Provos

  • 2020

    The annual Christmas show, Galleri Oxholm, Frederiksberg, DK

    In afwezigheid van de kunstenaar – curated by Dirk Schellekens

    My Mam’s name isn’t Carol…, D’Apostrof, Deinze, BE

  • 2018

    Arture #10, Ressegem, Herzele, BE

    What will is, what will come, Nightingale, Antwerp, BE

    Yugen#16, curated by Jan Hoet Junior, Ghent, BE

    Nomadic Mountains, Schunck, Heerlen, NL

    Kunstvijver, Boechout, BE

    Kunstkastelenroute Collateral Event, Zottegem, BE

    Nothing But Good, Park, Tilburg, NL 

  • 2017

    Wintersalon, Gallery Modulart, Vienna, AT

  • 2016

    Dog Day Cabinet 2 – An Elephant Pose Facing Nature, Le Clignoteur, Brussels, BE

    The Long Now, Art Space Flip Side, Eindhoven, NL

    Arture x De Filatuur, Art Space Knokke, Knokke, BE

    De Boechoutse Kunstvijver, Midzomernacht 2016, Boechout, BE

    Plein Publiek, Kunst/werk_2, Antwerp, BE

    ATC, Galerie Martin van Blerk, Antwerp, BE

    Exhibition Gaverprijs 2016, CC De Schakel, Waregem, BE

  • 2015

    Bozar De L’Abbatoir, Sambreville, BE

    Bozar De L’Abbatoir, Bergen Aan Zee, Holland, NL

    Actuele Kunstenfestival 2015, Haspengouw, BE

    Expo Still/Life, Thurn & Taxis, Brussel, BE

    Expo with Barry Camps, Not Art Space, Boechout, BE

  • 2014

    Expo with Luk Van Soom, galerie Lucano, Diest, BE

    Curating Alpine club boechout, Mortsel, BE

    Open Studio’s, Antwerpen, BE

  • 2013

    Alpine Club, Boechout, BE

  • 2012

    The Research and Destroy Department of Black Mountain College” at W139, Amsterdam, NL

    Galerij Lucanu, Diest, BE

    playart’ Heppeneert, Maaseik, BE

    Expo Doas Zwolle, NL

    Expo Huis Hellemans Edegem, Antwerp, BE

    Expo with Koen Broucke, Boechout, BE

    Expo in Zwart, Antwerp, BE

  • 2011

    ‘playart’, Heppeneert, Maaseik, BE

    Expo, art expo Istanbul 2011, TR

  • 2010

    Expo Lineart Flanders Expo, Gent, BE

    Expo Art Fair-ARTIST 2010, Istanbul, TR

    Expo Antwerp Astronauts Foyer zaal Vooruit, Boechout, BE

  • 2009

    Expo Antwerp Astronauts Rivierenhof, Deurne, BE

    Expo Blue Bird Art Gallery, Boechout, BE

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