Exhibition "73 - 23" | Group show | Curated by Dimitri Ozerkov - pal project
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01.12.23 - 06.01.24
Group show/73 – 23
In 1973, exactly fifty years ago, Dina Vierny organized the iconic Russian Avant-Garde/Moscow 73 exhibition. The gallery owner had then managed to bring out works by non-conformist artists from the Soviet Union who were previously unknown to the Western audience: Erik Boulatov, Ilya Kabakov, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Oscar Rabine & Maxime Arhangelsk. These artists were thus presented for the first time outside their studios (as they could not publicly exhibit in the Soviet Union) and beyond the Iron Curtain. By faithfully reactivating this historical exhibition that took place on the walls of Rue Jacob, the 73-23 exhibition will offer a unique temporal immersion.

The first half of this captivating retrospective will take place in its original location, at the Dina Vierny gallery. This section will unveil the masterpieces of the Russian Avant-Garde that marked the artistic landscape fifty years ago.

The second half of the exhibition, on the other hand, will come to life at pal project. Under the enlightened curation of Dimitri Ozerkov, former curator of the Hermitage Museum himself in exile, this contemporary part of the exhibition will showcase the work of four young artists in exile: Katya Muromtseva, Evgeny Granilshchikov, Andrei Kuzkin, and Pavel Otdelnov. These bold creators embody the rebellious and innovative spirit that persists in Russian art, transcending geographical and political boundaries.

The 73-23 exhibition is a bold attempt to grasp the two poles of unofficial and protest art in Russia, separated by fifty years of history, between the Soviet era and the current geopolitical context. A bilingual catalog, enriched with an essay by Dimitri Ozerkov, will be published for this occasion, providing visitors with an immersive dive into this unique artistic exploration.

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