AU-DELÀ - a performance of confinement by Émilie Girault - pal project
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20.01.22 - 23.01.22
Émilie Girault/AU-DELÀ
"Au-delà" A gallery filled with water A boat in its center A performance of confinement Visible every day from 6pm to midnight In January 2022: Thursday 20 Friday 21st Saturday 22nd Sunday 23rd I remember that, in the 80s and 90s, this inflatable boat was used to carry all our holiday gear to the beach. I remember my brother with whom I used to embark on extraordinary adventures on the Mediterranean Sea. I remember our naval battles and our fierce fights, my fear of the great white shark that the films of the time had immortalized, and my deep desire not to capsize... and suddenly I found myself underwater, the boat turned over by my brother laughing gently... I remember our laughter and our arguments, the taste of the salt water, the heat of the sun, the burning sand. ... and then the peace we found, each of us with an ice cream in our hand, contemplating, lying in the boat now docked, the incredible sparkle of this sea symbol of our summer vacations. And suddenly 2016 and its batch of advices, questions, explanations coming from a bunch of almost strangers: "you were close?"; "what happened?"; "maybe he was on drugs, you never really know a person you know"; "are you ok?"; "you were close? "It's a shame it was starting to work out well for you"; "What happened?"; "You were close?"; "It's ok?"; "It's better?"; "You know I read that mourning lasts for 3 years, so you just have to grit your teeth and then it will get better..." But it is not a question of time, it is a question of lack... and that unalterable feeling of loneliness. ----- This work was realized with the participation of: Daou who composed the music of the performance; Sabine and Philippe Boudreaux who allowed the construction of the construction of the scenography; Alberto Ricci for the lighting.


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