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11.02.23 - 11.03.23
Group show/UN FIL SE TEND
List of presented artists :

Antoine Alzieu Kaï-Chun Chang Hugo Da Silva Victoire Inchauspé Léo Marybrasse Winnie Mo Rielly Emma Passera Louise Vo Tan

«The artists gathered for this exhibition are from the same generation. Some are still studying, others have recently graduated. They practice different mediums, and for those who share the same one, they use it in different ways. We have gathered - 2 installation artists - Léo Marybrasse and Emma Passera - 2 painters - Antoine Alzieu and Kaï-Chun Chang - 2 sculptors - Victoire Inchauspé and Winnie Mo Rielly - 2 video artists - Hugo Da Silva and Louise Vo Tan. Some of them are on the borderline of all mediums. Through them, we want to highlight similarities or differences in the differences in the young art scene, to create a dialogue, a tension between artists who would not have been brought together at first glance. More than an overview of the the Parisian scene, it is the invisible links between practices and artists that the two friends want to expose.

- tension - attention -

The two words that are the source of our exploration are always present in the group exhibitions,between the pieces. They are as if attentive to each other, we say that a dialogue is created or that a tension is palpable. Our attention is often required when we look at a work, there is a thread that stretches for a few moments, between us and the work. These words are mostly similar in sound, they can merge in phrasing. By repeating them, they would almost become a mantra. In order to be attentive to this tension, between the artistsand their pieces, a text will accompany this exhibition. It is intended to illustrate the links created between the mediums, between the forms and the issues of each work, so that the spectator is attentive to what he has seen. Let a thread be stretched between us, and let us and that we pay attention to it.

Julien Heintz & Nathan Bertet


Interview Julien Heintz & Nathan Bertet

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