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Hugo Guérin


My relationship to the world has long been through the prism of anguish, the resulting inaction, and the violence that can spring from this feeling of powerlessness. Three aspects that have become an essential thread in my work. This is made up of a set of strange, disturbing and apathetic bodies, hybrids that are difficult to apprehend at first glance. It is important for me to intrigue more than to shock, and I mix these disturbing forms with harmonious, almost “seductive” compositions. It is this mixture between the “beautiful” and the monstrous which for me creates fascination, at the same time as an ambiguity of the volumes, which forces us to linger over them to solve the riddle.

I like that people have to move around and bend over to observe my sculptures, that they do not surrender an obvious answer at first gaze. Depending on the angle from which you look, you can see in turn an inert and harmless form, a mysterious beast, a potential threat, perhaps.


  • 2020

    Casa Lu, Mexico (MX)

  • 2019

    Atelier de potiers, Grand -Bassam et tailleurs sur bois, Abidjan (CI)



    Solo show, pal project, Paris, FR


    Disaster class, La tour Orion de Montreuil, FR

    Exposition collective, le café Beaubourg, Paris, FR

    Are flying sheep violent by nature?, Les Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR

    Ce que dit la bouche d’ombre, Paris, FR

    20mille22, Paris, FR

    GESTES, Atelier modelage Laurent Esquerré aux Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR

  • 2021

    Carte Blanche avec C14, Centre de Céramique Contemporaine de La Borne, FR

    The Bright Angel, Inplano à Saint Denis, FR

    Exposition collective, Atelier Sfar aux Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR

  • 2020

    Exposition collective, Casa Lu, Mexico City, MX

    Exposition collective, Beaux arts de Paris, FR


  • 2019

    Exposition collective, Salon C14, Paris, FR

  • 2018

    Exposition collective, Atelier Sfar aux Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR

    Duo show, Galerie Teodora, Paris, FR

    10 ans de céramique, Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR


  • 2017

    Exposition collective, Atelier sfar aux Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR

    Exposition collective, Atelier sfar aux beaux-Arts de Paris, FR


  • 2022

    La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre, par Jean-Marc Dimanche (FR)

    Catalogue d’exposition “Ce que dit la bouche d’ombre” (FR)

  • 2021

    Catalogue d’exposition “The Bright Angel” (FR)

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